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I’m Home!
Update posted by Laura Jean Schneider On Apr 02

I made it to Arizona! A stop at REI to find a replacement layer for one that got locked in a friend’s house last minute... I found a Mamut pullover with pockets and a drawstring hood that I’m trying out, and picked up a fresh hat for good measure.

My second Uber took me to North Tuscan and the home of lovely Julie M, who has provided me with a bedroom and space for a few days until I have really shaken this cold. Plus: 800 acres of conservation habitat right out the backyard, with trails for hiking. After a 4am wake up, I needed a nap but not before I put on shorts and hiked around a bit.

Lizard; gopher snake; quail. All sighted within ten minutes of being outside. Truly I feel embraced here in a way I don’t anywhere else. My soul can breathe here.

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