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Update posted by Laura Jean Schneider On Mar 28

When I came across just one of these petite books, I dumped the ultralight ideal for some old-school appeal: perfectly sized to travel with me one at a time on my journey, I have the whole little library. These are beautiful hardback editions, with a pearlescent sheen that looks a little magic. I recall fondly the voraciousness wherewith I read when I was last in a similar position, out herding goats in the mountains of Montana with no cell service, my dog, my lunch, and 1,000 ruminants for company. That's when I literally read a New Yorker cover to cover, even the boring stuff, and tackled The Metamorphosis, although I'm sure I still don't get Kafka.

Book, plus 4x6 accordion style watercolor booklet, favorite brushed, halved, and primary watercolors are part of what are making my pack weigh in at 17 pounds without food and water. I mailed my first resupply to Patagonia, Arizona today, and have everything I need for my trip at this point. I'm leaving for Seattle on the 31st, and flying out the morning of the 1st. I know, I know, but I don't start hiking until the 2nd, which is a dear-to-me horse's birthday....yes, I'm sentimental.

Trail magic is working pre-trail for me...Thanks, Margaret from NM for hooking me up with an AZ pal who will be picking me up in Tucson. Here's a preview of what I'm headed for in Passage 1.

Stay tuned for more fun!

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