Updates on Charmie against Stage 2b Cervical Cancer

Still fighting!
Update posted by Charmie Noval On Jul 17

Hello there! This is charm again! Im sorry if i'm busy to my therapy but i have a good news to all of you. I already finished my radio therapy last month 28 sessions and now i'm doing my brachy therapy 4 sessions once a week. The tumor is shrinking already and i'm so thankful to all of you and to our almighty god for always helping me. After that i also under go to chemo therapy. But before i proceed to my next therapy which is chemo. We need to be ready for the expenses and now i'm asking again to all of you my angels to help me again. Just any amount that you can give and it's big help for me. Please continue your prayers for my fast recovery. Again! Thank you for all the help and support. 😇

On this photo: i was in a recovery room just finished my first brachy therapy. It was hard and annoying because there's no anesthesia or any pain reliever for my therapy but! I fight even it's painful. I just believe in my self and pray to god for guidance and cure.

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