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Update posted by Berry Behr On Mar 04

My journey with One Spirit started off as a miracle of synchronicity (yes, I do believe in miracles) and has been an evolution of trust.

I met One Spirit deep in the African bush, in the remote heart of the Timbavati in a small private camp surrounded by lions. It took me nearly a year to realise that I, too, could possibly become a student... and from the moment the decision was made I felt supported every step of the way. I was gifted with two beautiful mentors who encouraged me, wrote letters of reference and jumped in with profound gestures of support. In 2018, a friend won the National Lotto and generously paid for my ticket to New York to attend my first year intensive. The story of the incredible synchronicities that unfolded during my New York trip could make a book - from finding myself randomly addressing a gathering at a World Environment Day observance at the United Nations to meeting an international emissary of raised consciousness on a train neither of us was supposed to be on.

So many changes swirled through my life during that year and the next. I had not expected to move home to Cape Town but that happened. I never expected to be appointed Chairperson of Cape Town Interfaith Initiative, but that happened. I never expected the depth of learning and self growth through my One Spirit Seminary studies, but that happened. I never expected my relationship with the Creative Force of the Universe to grow and deepen and change so profoundly, but that happened. I never expected the levels of courage I have had to find within myself, but that happened too.

And now this final hurdle is here. I never expected to be without an income or some financial backing at this time of my life, but I have been unbelievably supported every step of the way by so many friends and benefactors. Every signpost along the way has said: Keep going, don't give up, this is what you are meant to do, you are in the right place. And I have stopped, many times, to check, to double check and to check again. Sometimes the only option is to just keep moving forward. And trust.

So trust I do. Things always work out, even if they don't always work out quite as I expect. Most days I wake up with a sense of gratitude and wonder at the miracles that unfold around me every day. Other days, I have to remind myself but it doesn't take much to do that. And sometimes I wake up with a profound sense of just listening, because I have learned that whatever title I may have, that is my real job description.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and energetically be a companion on my path! Some people have been having trouble with Paypal, I am told. So here is the Snapscan code which goes into the Cape Town Interfaith Initiative bank account. So if this is an easier method for you, please just use your name+STUDY as the reference.

Wishing you a bright and beautiful day, wherever you are!

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