Updates on Prayers for my Kuya in coma (from appendectomy)

Morning. February 6, 2019
Update posted by Katherine Casison On Feb 05

Hey guys. Just spoke with the doctor-in-charge.

Kuya's current status: from GCS level 3, he's now in 4. His pupils are reacting to light.

But then again, we never know when he will recover as he keeps on having seizures.


Hey guys. Kuya’s GCS level is now on 7 as he can move his right hand. However, he will undergo another operation next week as the doctors said, they will put a tube direct to his stomach because the food they feed him through the tube in his nose backflows. And they will do something about the seizures... As our mother stated. I hope they will assign real great doctors. xx

Katherine Casison

Update posted by Feb 16


Hey guys. His GCS level is now on 6. We are getting pain reaction on his right leg, but not yet with the left. He also has REM now, but still not following directions. Thank you for all your prayers. Let’s keep praying! 💕

Katherine Casison

Update posted by Feb 09

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