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Progess.. huge step forward..🧡
Update posted by Tracee Cullen On Mar 04

So thank you again to everyone that is supporting and helping to tell others about this cause.. I have taken the pups for several appointments in the past few weeks to make sure that they are all ready for the process now of sending blood tests to the 'EU' (ironically).. for clearance as needed.

There is much to do to be ready for this and we have done it! We have survived the car journeys that especily Nala does not apprieciate due to car sickness but she is still so upbeat and getting better each journey we do.. Pumba just chills out and relaxes.

They love the attention and love from the 'team' at the vets.. literally each visit - 3 or 4 vetinery staff spend time focused on each pup.. the serious stuff and checks are done with love and cuddles.. and they each visit get a pedicure and ears checked as well.. an overall observation.. they treat each one with dedication.. know there names and make a huge fuss of them.. which is an absolute godsend considering how far we have come.. to have this support is much welcomed!

So I have because of your kindness of donations been able now to pay for the EU blood processing and the process is now in place. They will have the blood tests done on 16th March as this is date allowed (as everything is done with precision timing from vaccination) and then we have to follow out the timing set out by them for the results to be received and the period of 3 months has to be abided by before we can plan the next part of the journey.

In terms of costings the EU blood testing has been £265 + 58Euro (each) plus I have paid in advance for there next booster that is required on the same date of £22.

All in all the process so far has been funded and is in alignment for each visit and the amount has been divinelg I assisted. This does now of course mean that we are in need of the rest of the funding to help keep this on track with the timings given.. I am doing everything I can physically complying with visits, red tape and working through the process which has been intense!

The vet is very knowledgable and this wouldnt be possible without her precision, understanding and knowledge.. she sends so many pets overseas and does so with offering a peace of mind.

Since collecting the pups after a fraught few days when they had to return the charity and were still vulnerable from the Parvo virus.. my intuition was as always thankfully on point and lead to my assertive decision making & immediate action for their health, care & wellbeing.. (eternally grateful to my house owners for giving me their car at drop of a hat that day and many times this past month) whilst also trying to decifer if this plight to rescue them was even possible.. wading through so much 'wrong information' that was given, the charity has no part or guidance in this process either to offer and so remaining strong the face of adversity when a total lack of support from many avenues in the plight to take these amazing pups home.. WE ARE HERE.. well into the process.. and the next big step all in place and paid for.

With enough love and kindness from all those that have so far donated and amazing support from my family, friends (both India & UK), students, clients and at time strangers that have become friends through this journey.

Also a huge thank you to the universal serendipity to have met the person that offered boarding and now looking after the pups who also is helping assist in the required vet government, agent visits etc in my absense when I cant always be there.🧡

The pups were very unsettled for few days as 'knew' something was going on.. took an instant dislike to my suitcase!! Yet once taken to where they are staying (a longer car journey..sorry Nala) they settled with accepting the staffs love and kisses as well as the bribery of puppy biscuits to be welcomed. I have just had update to say they are more settled now.

So thats my update.. thank you for your time to read this and for caring. Please if you can share the funding link, tell people about Pumba and Nala and help me in this next very important stage of rasing funds for the next essential part of the journey..

Namaste - 'My soul honours your soul',


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