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Indian life for pups..
Update posted by Tracee Cullen On Jan 31

These pups are creating awareness here in Goa as they have now been out on a lead briefly to vets - but as the local mindset is to have 'local' dogs (which they are) on a chain outside permanently as security..

To see people watching them full of play and love and on a lead has definately raise some eyebrows.. even one man saying he wants one (although he won't follow through) it's a start to help bring change.

Another local lady helped me with them coming back from the vets yesterday.. she took Pumba on the lead and lifted him step by step to my house - then said it was the first time she has touched a dog! Yeah progress🙏 it's all about awareness and changing the mindset as it is 'trendy' here at the moment to have a Alsation, Pit bull or Labrador.. as I was told by a local goan lady who is a dog lover and has 4 - they class local dogs as security and other breeds as pets.😥

So these pups definately need some help as they are way on their journey.

Please also know that there is an extensive programme here run FREE by many charities that neuter dogs every single day.. it is again awareness and education to owners.

There are also many brits and other foreigners that bring their dogs to India.. so the balance of good homes need to be considered in all options.

Namaste.. thank you for your kindness.xx


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