Despite de circumstances, ARSGA keeps up their good work in Uganda.
Update posted by cenix callejo garcia On Jan 14

"Yesterday I filmed/audio recorded these brave, beautiful people telling their personal stories. The stories are heart-breaking; they described themselves being rejected, neglected, demonized, violated, humiliated and repeatedly arrested. All because of their sexual orientation. But they are very strong and they chose to open up for two main reasons:

First, because the economic situation of the organization is critical, the organization owes one year of rent for their office/safe space and they will soon be evicted. Being thrown to the street is extremely dangerous for them. There is no electricity in the building for the last four months and there is no food. Members must get their food anyway they can and as no one would employ them, they work in the streets to gain some food which they share between them. They are begging for support!

Second, they understand that much of the local homophobia is based on disinformation and in order to achieve any improvement in their future, they will need to change people’s perspectives. They fully understand the risks involved in exposing themselves, and they choose to act, some of them showing their face and some don’t, depends on their personal circumstances.

The series of interviews will be published during this coming week.

It is a great honour for me to be able to work with this group and I really hope that together we can make a real change in their lives and in the lives of many other African LGBTQs.

Please share and/or donate to this urgent campaign, it can save and change lives."

Noga Shanee

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