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Update posted by Jeff Younger On Dec 01

Thank you all so much for your incredible support! Almost 100 T-shirt’s have been purchased to raise awareness and we have been getting hundreds of emails. (I am doing my best to respond to each one personally)

We have raised about $45,000 so far on GoFundMe and gogetfunding together. Enough to catch up on attorney fees and the psychological custody evaluator and start a counter suit.

We now can really begin to fight this. But every counter suit and legal action that needs to be taken will cost more.

You have all been so generous and we are grateful beyond words... but more is needed to protect these kids. Please keep the momentum going and continue to share the website savejames.com on social media and with anyone you know that might be willing to help. Thank you again! Sarah Scott

Sarah Scott



I agree with Florence. If you haven’t already, please contact the ACLJ ASAP Praying for this whole situation.

Lisa Vinson

Update posted by Dec 04


Have you contacted the A.C.L.J. ? I believe they can be helpful to James and his father.

Florence Simancas

Update posted by Dec 02

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