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Forest planted, labels placed, wooden sign fixed!
Update posted by Radek Oborny On Feb 21

Dear EC Trainees Forest supporters and followers.

So we made it! More than EUR 7000 donated to BOS+ for planting a part of a forest close to Gontrode and Gavere ( more than 800 trees) and part for the protection of a tropical rain forest in Ecuador (more info coming). Last Sunday, we placed the symbolic labels with names of our sponsors and a wooden sign to mark the first location of the #traineesforest. Big thanks to all our backers, planters and labellers! You're great!

The October 2018 fundraising campaign is over and we hope you stay in touch with the following EC Trainees Forest campaings, by visiting https://www.facebook.com/pg/ectraineesforest/ and becoming a fan! This year's session has been great and if this is the start, then we can't wait to see the following parts of the race against the climate change. Although planting forests alone cannot save our planet, it's still the best CO2 removing technology available. Now we have to stop pumping it in the atmosphere at such alarming rates.

We will keep posting updates here, but for now, enjoy the apocalyptically warm and sunny February, go by bicycle instead of a car and KEEP PLANTING!

Your tree-lovers,

Stefanie, Simon and Radek, the October 2018 EC trainees.

PS: If you're interested, or know of someone who might be interested in doing a 5-month internship at the European Commission, share with them https://ec.europa.eu/stages/ it's an eye opening experience.

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