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1 week after surgery
Update posted by Heidi Lee On Oct 15

This little boy was so excited when we visited him this evening after work. He was purring, he was squeezing himself into our arms and asking to be tickled and hugged. He complained when we stopped the head rubs. And when we closed the cabin and wanted to take our leave, he will let out this most heartbreaking and almost inaudible cry. Even the vets say he has changed from this really fiesty boy when we first sent him to the clinic to this really warm and sociable kitten. How not to love him?!?!

Anyway, he's now assessed to be in a better condition for deworming and vaccination. So tomorrow, this kitten is going to take his first jab. We are going to bring him toys and love again tomorrow evening to pacify him. Can't wait to see him again tomorrow!

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