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Kitten's medical bills to date
Update posted by Heidi Lee On Oct 14

A big shutout to all who have come forward with their contribution for the kitten's surgery and medical fees - thank you and the kitten is recovering well :)

Quick update of the funds used so far:

1. Funds received through GoGetFunding = + 1281.00

2. Funds received via Paynow and Paylah = +1261.00

3. Amount paid out = - 3383.74

We may not have raised enough to fully cover the bills so far, but we are still extremely comforted by the encouraging and caring msgs, advice, help, support that has come to us these few days.

Our kind medical team at Ohana Vetcare has also offered to help us take care of the kitten for another week while we find a permanent home for the little one. We can't thank them enough for their kindness and patience.

The shelters and boarding homes we have reached out to in the past days have rejected us because the kitten has felv. However, we are not going to stop trying or leave it in the lurch. We are still hoping that someone will take him in and give him the love he deserves. Despite his condition and the accident, this kitten is recovering well and his personality is starting to show and shine. He's really warm and sweet. And he's eating like a lion lol ;)

So if you intend to have just 1 cat in your household, or if you happen to know anyone who's thinking of adopting just 1 cat, please reach out to us. The kitten is a darling, and we are happy to work with u through the adoption process.

More cute pics and updates of the kitten in the next few days to come :)

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