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2 days after op
Update posted by Heidi Lee On Oct 11

So this little warrior was asleep when we went to visit him today. Now we learn that he doesn't like when we interrupt his beauty sleep, as he was complaining a little when we did ;)

Nonetheless when he saw us, he attempted to walk towards us, kept meowing at us to give him his favourite head rubs. Does he actually recognise us?

The long scar on his small body pains our hearts. But his fierce fighting spirit and warm personality make up for everything. Yes, he's been diagnosed with felv. But he's just 4 months old. He still deserves a shot in life. He's fighting for his life, he's eating like a lion. Who are we to dampen his spirits?

We didn't regret saving him at all. We are very proud of him. And we will do what we can to support him in his passion for life (and of course food :)).

If you are looking to adopt just one cat, please consider giving this little guy a chance.

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