Oct 21, 2021 at 02:18 pm

Trial has started

Update posted by Nicholas Kostopoulos

The trial of the 6 defendants charged with causing deadly bodily harm to Zak Kostopoulos/Zackie Oh began yesterday, 20 October 2021, at the Athens Court of First Instance.

Our complete report regarding the first session will be posted on our English-language website within the next few days.

Meanwhile, here are the takeaways from the first day of the trial:

• Attendance for the general public is restricted due to COVID-19 measures.

• Only 4 journalists are allowed in the courtroom at the same time.

• No photojournalists are allowed in the courtroom, as requested by the police officers among the defendants.

• Διεθνής Αμνηστία - Ελληνικό Τμήμα, Orlando LGBT+ and ZackieOh Justice Watch are allowed one observer each.

• The court denied a motion by the defense for another deferral of the trial.

• The court proceeded to examine the first three witnesses for the prosecution, namely Zak’s father, brother and mother.

• The defense attorneys’ cross-examination strategy focused on questions that sought to incriminate the victim.

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