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Just an update guys
Update posted by Glenn Monaghan On Nov 05

Just a thank you to everyone that donated and an update for everyone on how training going. The fundraising and training has taken a blow the last few weeks to say the least. 6 weeks after the WTF 100miler and evening is still very fatigued, legs and mind. I’m trying really hard to find motivation to train while feeling tired and run down. But that’s nothing to the mental strain & the fatigue of getting up in the middle of the night to take care of someone with Dementia. The strain of watching someone you love slip further and further away, each day.

I’m looking to get a few ideas on how to kick start the fundraising again. Also if anyone knows a company that would like to support Run for Dementia please get them to get in touch. 15 weeks left to the Delirious West 200 Miler.

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