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Even Warriors Cry
Update posted by Jose Erwin Adevoso On Nov 06

When a family faces adversity, their whole dynamic is tested. Challenging situations forces members discover facets of themselves they never knew existed or have been resting for a while. Suddenly different versions of each personality is unearthed.

This is how my mom's condition has pushed us.

It's just sad that we had to be given this situation before we step-up and really be better versions of ourselves... before we become the person we ought to be...

Dad has been forced to be domesticated since he has retired from work and has been the designated caregiver... he now cooks! Although still a bit unsure, his dishes are not bad and are improving everytime.

For my son... well, he keeps us inspired and in his own little way, takes care of her mama =D

Me, now being the income earner, I had to always be on my toes. There is no room for me to buckle down. It's always go, go, go. Although I have always been a mama's boy, I found myself being extra affectionate now. I now stay up late (not because of watching TV - at least not entirely) to try to attend to my mom's needs before sleeping... it's my way of showing her how much I care and love her and how much I am with her in her battle. Since I am away most of the days because of work, it is my way of making sure she is taken cared off.

But like any family with similar situation, we do trip. There are times when we are on each other's throat... because of stress, because of pressure... or maybe we are just afraid of the uncertainty... of whether we will be able to sustain the great demands of my mom's medications and sessions... are we giving all that we can to make the situation a bit more tolerable for my mom... are we doing everything we can in ensuring her smile does not ever disappear from her face.

No matter how we tray to stay strong and positive, there will be days when we feel the reality of the circumstance... of what can happen. This is what affects us most... and what sometimes makes me anxious... when mom feels pain after her session... when she gets affected by passing of her co-patients... when she feels uneasy from the lack of sleep... sometimes you feel helpless....

But as they say... LABAN LANG! FIGHT!

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