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Option, Option, Option
Update posted by Jose Erwin Adevoso On Oct 25

I have been told that my mom's doctor suggested a new process that can improve her dialysis sessions. According to her doctor the new process will make her dialysis less painful and could greatly assist in removing all other symptoms of her condition. There are still a lot that we need to know about this new process but currently, what we have been told is that:

  1. I will be done once a month
  2. It will not hurt as much
  3. Given her age, it will be more convenient
  4. Cost is PhP 10,000 exclusive of Senior Citizen discount and Philhealth

On the onset, it sounds enticing but we still have a few questions about it and will probably be answered on mom's next appointment.

If this proves to be the better option, please help us make it happen. Continue supporting out campaign.

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