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Update posted by Jose Erwin Adevoso On Sep 28

We are so blessed to have so many heroes who have been helping us in our campaign for my mom. It will definitely be a tedious journey ahead but we are able to face it with positivity because of your generosity. Mom is responding well to her sessions and getting better. One of the main proponents of this is my uncle (check his picture on my FB account). Given my mom's strict renal diet, he has volunteered his time to cook for her (and us 😜). From the time mom came back from the hospital, he has been preparing her food, since my dad and I are useless in the kitchen (can do frying and reheating though). He has also studied the menu I got on-line making sure my mom eats a different meal every time... definitely heaven sent!


That’s great news! Thanks for sharing 😊

Mharieliz Termulo

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