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Update posted by Cindy Claes On Oct 10

130 donations later... £4810

119 people donated online, 10 donated offline, 1 organisation chipped in too (Faith Drama Productions)

From Europe to the USA to the West Indies... donations came in from EVERYWHERE.

Donations came from:

Belgium, London, Jamaica, Sweden, Washington DC, New Orleans, San Francisco, Texas, Chicago, New York, Guadeloupe, Paris, Germany


Heart beat. Breathe in, Breathe out.

WOW... <3 THANK YOU! <3


The support, encouragements and love sent my way has been overwhelming.

This crowdfunding campaign has been exhausting, also exhilarating, and my biggest learning curve.

Everything was at stake. My dreams, my life, my relationships.


It pushed me every day to go beyond my fears.

I asked for help, every day, vulnerably, which was so scary.

Every day I feared people would ignore me, or turn their backs, and... instead, I made so many friends.


It opened up vulnerable conversations around money. Not just about myself, but with so many people who I perceived as successful.

I thought they "had it all together, "life sorted". Yet so many struggled in silence.
It created conversations around abundance, wealth perception, generosity, and fear of money I never had with people before.


I want to thank people for donating.

I want to thank people for not ignoring my messages, for sending me encouragements, for giving shout outs, and for genuinely caring.

I want to thank people who booked me for gigs and gave me work.


The link is still open for donations as I still need £2315 to finish my school year.

If you - or your friends - wish to donate later, support is still welcomed and needed!!

Another way to help is to... keep me in mind for future bookings. LOL!!
I am in "student" mode but I am still available for workshops; solo performances & coaching sessions Fri-Sat-Sun!


My new life has now started in Paris... at the incredible Jacques Lecoq School.

(I will be sharing updates on my website's blog)

I still can't believe I made that leap of faith. I am so grateful.

I pray that my training and my travels to Paris benefit all sentient beings.

I met a few people this year who made me dream big again... I was stuck, unhappy. Three conversations later, I stopped teaching dance, packed my bags and applied to study at Jacques Lecoq.

I am sharing my story so that whoever needs to read this, also finds the courage to make their leap of faith.


If you would like to redeem your rewards for the donations you made, and you haven't yet emailed me to receive them, please email me on [email protected]


Thank you so much for your donations!

I am able to attend this private school because of YOU and YOUR generosity, a worldwide community who shared my vision.

If there is any day during my studies where I feel in doubt, I will remind myself that 130 people took action and clicked on "donate". This stance meant "Cindy, we got your back and we want you to succeed".

And that means the world to me. Even though many will say I achieved quite a lot as an artist, during my career as a creative, I often felt alone, facing the world.

Today, I feel so supported. I feel an army is behind me saying " Let's do this!!!".

Thank you so so much!


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