Updates on Monaco’s police violence and justice corruption: Medical and Legal Costs and Housing

WHY IS NOBODY HELPING!? I need financial help URGENTLY!
Update posted by Anett Patrice van York On Nov 13

Today is November 13th, 2018, and I have 80 cents in my pocket to survive (and this is no joke!)! How should I do this if nobody helps! My dog has no food anymore and my refrigerator is empty! My dog has an eczema on her belly and I cannot go to the vet! My right eye is infected for three months now and I cannot go to the doctor, my whole body is destroyed by Monaco's brutal police and I cannot go to my kinesitherapist anymore since my insurance was cut, because I lost my apartment because Monaco destroyed intentionally all my jobs! There must be people with money out there who can help! I am begging for months for help, and absolutely nobody helps! And it s winter time how should I pay my rent not to end up on the streets again!? My phones will be shut down now because I can t pay my phonebill anymore! Welfare from France was declined, also social housing was declined, and I have absolutely no resources! And Prince Albert and his corrupt cruel staff give a damn about what they did to me! They intentionally destroyed all my work and my life and they leave me rotten on the streets! Why is nobody helping!? I need help URGENTLY!!! WHY IS NOBODY HELPING!? Thanks