Updates on Monaco’s police violence and justice corruption: Medical and Legal Costs and Housing

Update posted by Anett Patrice van York On Oct 16

Hello, I just want to give you a quick update! Basically nothing changed, Monaco destroyed intentionally all my work and my existence because I spoke publicly about Monaco's severe police brutality of which I am severe victim (over 40 injuries on my body, and my whole body is still severely damaged until today!). Because of the intentional work destruction I have no more salary, I lost my French bank account because of it and also my apartment! I was homeless for three months, ABSOLUTELY NOBODY that I asked for help helped me, and I know their apartments and their empty rooms, so I ended up living with another homeless person in very difficult and dangerous circumstances for three months, together with my dog! Financial aid from France was rejected and still is (and that is also against the law!), and I lost my long awaited Health Insurance too because of all this! I need urgently Kinesitherapie for my damaged body, but without income it is impossible! Also, I am now inside again in another apartment, a stranger helped me getting into it, but if I don t pay the rent every month, I will end up on the streets again! The Monaco and French Government refused any help, and Monaco refuses to repair the horrendous damage they did to me!

Please have a heart and help finally and donate!

Thank You!

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