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Week 5 Campaign Update - SAVE ANGELICA ORGANIC FARM - 10 days to go!
Update posted by DeriAnne Wyatt On Aug 16

Hello There Everyone following our fundraising campaign!

We are now part way in to week 5 since we started this campaign in July.

The ongoing support and good will from so many and from different parts of our community by various ways has been very fortifying and genuinely inspiring. Not just for us but for small scale, organic and regenerative farming and its produce in general. Which is what we hoped would be an additional positive outcome of our own community appeal. Beth and Hayden of Burrawong Gaian pastured poultry farm near Coffs Harbour just yesterday launched their own campaign to give their farm and family a much needed 'hand up' after all the hardship and associated skyrocketing farm running costs after flooding then ongoing drought conditions just as they were recovering. The price of essentials like animal feed that has become an imperative to buy in, off the back of the successive weather calamities, has gone 'through the roof' due to shortages and such high demand. We wish the McMillans and their family the very best in getting what they need and so richly deserve and their prosperity beyond this harsh time.

We have 1 more week slated for this Go Get Funding campaign and as I write this, despite the incredible success and humbling generosity from so many backers to this point, we are still some way from our target (or close enough to it). This means we are still 'up in the air' in regards to the fate of our farm and livelihood. However, we would have been 'over and out' already by now without this cash injection of the past few weeks. It has so far enabled us to finish our 2017-18 season, honour our full CSA commitment (because we could keep paying our bills and our essential staff) and we've been able to clear some over hanging debt.

Some really great news is that a fundraising lunch that has been generated for us by a band of our Melbourne chef supporters and marvelous Vic producers (food and wine), which occurs this coming Sunday (19 Aug) at Jerry Mai's ANNAM restaurant in the Melbourne CBD is now officially fully booked - 90 tickets sold. This is utterly amazing and is set to be a brilliant afternoon of 'bread breaking' with community (including tears by us I suspect!?) - community who value knowing where their food comes from, how it is grown and by whom and that it all equates to clean, nutritious, humane and environmentally regenerative practices by passionate farmers that's making it happen. This will be a boost to our fundraising and will help see us through the next few weeks and HOPEFULLY provide a bridge to further providence enabling us to keep farming.

We have so many plans evolving towards a successful farming future if we can get through until December. The demonstrated appreciation for us and what we do has only served to lift our inspiration and creative thinking to another level, so we desperately hope we get the chance to put it all in to practice.

The true value of proper food and of the skill and commitment of the hard working souls who live and breath farming to feed and cloth the community is indeed priceless and a worthy investment for those enlightened eaters who want to eat the kind of food us small scale, organic, regenerative and agro-ecological farmers grow!

Thanks again.

Best wishes,

Deri-Anne and Tim

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