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Supporter UPDATE #1 - Angelica Organic Farm Needs Your Help GoGetFunding Campaign
Update posted by DeriAnne Wyatt On Jul 14

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are enjoying your Saturday afternoon?

Welcome to our 1st campaign update since launching our Angelica Organic Farm Needs Your Help GoGetFunding CampaignAngelica Organic Farm Needs Your Help GoGetFunding Campaign less than 24 hours ago...

First of all, a MASSIVE THANK YOU to all of you for your deeply appreciated generosity. We are really touched by your loving care and support and feel very fortunate to be a part of this amazing good food community.

Wow, wow and wow people! So far we are at around 12% of our goal target, which is a very encouraging start in such a short time. Of course we have quite some way to go to 'pull this off' but apart from the $$ contributions on this campaign site, we are also receiving a few other wonderful fundraising offers and other forms of support.

The past couple of weeks whilst assessing the actual 'wash up' of our current predicament have been very sobering, gut wrenching and stressful as you can probably imagine? Not a refreshing experience after a tough grind of a past 12-18 months, even if not totally unpredictable after all. However, having the incredible practical and emotional support and belief in us from some of our closest friends, many small scale farmers themselves, has helped keep us buoyant, on track and finding creative ways to resolve our farm-related problems.

At this point we really want to extend a standout THANK YOU to the inimitable, talented, brilliant, generous and loving TAMMI JONAS, without whom, we honestly don't know how 'dynamic, creative and effective' we would be at present? : )

Thankfully and largely as a result of all the good people and love around us, we are in good shape and feeling hopeful!

We will keep you posted at least once a week if not more from here and you can always 'check in' on the GoGetFunding site yourselves.

Viva la revolucion!

Best wishes and many thanks,

Deri-Anne and Tim xxx

Angelica Organic Farm

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