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Update posted by Stephanie Anne Aquino On Jun 25

Since the required 100,000 PHP isn't available yet, Tiffani's family has decided to transfer her dad to Amang Rodriguez Hospital, the one near Marikina Sports Center. Though no down payment's needed for Tito Arnel to be transferred to the ICU, his healthcard would be of no use, hence all expenses would have to come from their own pocket. We are continuously asking for your assistance. Any amount will be highly appreciated!

Thank you and God bless your generous hearts!


Hi everyone. Thank you for those who donated and those who will, still. Tito Arnel underwent the operation, and needed blood donors. Unfortunately, his case was already worse and he died 7:30 today. According to his family, they need to settle the remaining 67k bill for them to be able to take his body home. We are continuously asking for your support to help his family get thru this difficult time.

Stephanie Anne Aquino

Update posted by Jun 26

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