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Update posted by Natasa Stojanovic On Aug 09

My apologies for the late update.
I went to the vet yesterday to pay the debt but since I'm financially not doing so well these days and dogs' boarding places have to be paid (the vet can wait a little longer), I gave 8000 RSD (that's almost 70€) to the vet and with the rest of the money I paid half of Mirko's boarding place. After this website and paypal got their percentage, I had 100€ left.
I still owe money for the last 2 months for Johnny (that's 100€), and probably should pay for his food again (I give them money for that after they run out of it), and 25€ for Mirko. I should get a salary in a couple of weeks and cover up these debts. In the mean time, every new donation is very welcome.
I'll post the receipt here when I paid the whole debt at the vet.
I should still do Mirko's titer test (for travelling abroad), I hope we're not too late for that, so that's going to be added to the debt as well.

Thank you for your support. <3

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