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Withdrawal update and Rumi 2
Update posted by Natasa Stojanovic On Jul 19

I was away for about a week and as you could read in my previous update, I withdrew the money that day. However, since I haven't received any message that I have funds on my account, I checked my paypal now and saw that the money's still there. Don't know what happened but I withdrew it again and it should be on my account next week. I'll write an update as soon as I receive it and pay the debt.

Also, in the meantime, I got Rumi's urn. There is a text on it that says: Rumi - our little hero. The plan is to frame a photo of him and put the urn and the framed photo in one corner of the room my cats won't be allowed to enter so that they don't knock it over (although, I don't think I can open the urn at all).

I was so happy when I got support from you lovely people, and then Rumi passed away....I really hope things will start getting better. Finding homes for these 3 furbabies would make me very happy! Fingers crossed that happens soon!

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