Updates on Save a two-year old leukemia stricken, Maine

Grab these merchandise to save a a life
Update posted by Rosemarie Manabat Manansala On Oct 16

Be part of our fundraising campaign that would help lessen, or better yet terminate the probablity of cancer’s recurrence on Maine.


Coin banks (Php 100.00) and ponytails (50.00) are currently on hand. T-shirt (Php 300.00) and coin purse (Php 100.00) are for pre-order. T-shirt (Yalex/Softex brand) is in white color alone and available in all sizes.

Kindly share and tag your friends. These merchandises are being sold for Maine’s bone marrow treatment alone. Reckon on our pledge that sales go directly to her fund. We are trusting your tender hearts to support Maine by purchasing these items. Be an embodiment of unfeigned kindness and benevolence to save a child. You can visit her official FB page at WIN AGAINST LEUKEMIA WITH MAINE for other details.

Our ceaseless”THANK YOU” to each and everyone of you. We may not be able to repay, but our dear Lord sees your generosity. May he bless you more than what you are worthy of receiving.

May we reach our goal the soonest. Maine needs us all to fight and back her up against this dreadful disease. Be with us and let’s vindicate her from sickness through God’s merciful hands.

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