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Healing Progress Day 3
Update posted by Kaho Uchiyama On Jun 04

Day 3:

Maggie's PVC is slightly increased from 16 t o 19%. Dr says her appetite is very good which is a good sign! She is eating Kin Dog Food (raw meat diet) which was donated anonymously by a supporter, and gaining strength to fight against the parasite inside of her and the skin infection outside. She is given daily doses of antibiotic, iron and vitamin B12 and has eaten Bravecto to kill Demodex.

Once her 2ndary skin infection is better she will be able to bathe in medicated bath to sooth her irritated skin.

Her treatment remains the same for now - antibiotic for both blood parasite & skin infection for next 2 weeks, unless there's any change in her condition. Her PVC is not yet stable and there's a chance of blood transfusion if it drops again.

Thank you very much for all the donations on & offline!!! Maggie surely is covered for her medical bill and will be able to remain in the vet until she fully recovers! In case of the need for blood transfusion I keep open the donation. Any exceeded amount will be used towards her care after she moves to her foster care and the remaining will be donated to Mission Paw'sible.

More updates to come in the following days!!

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