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Update posted by Benny Wong On May 31

My mother is a single parent and I never got to appreciate everything that she has done for me. I'm still a student now and couldn't afford any expensive gifts for her but i felt that I should get her something this coming birthday to express my endless love for her! I know I might be a little greedy and selfish for setting up this fundraising campaign when there are so many people out there who deserves the money more. But I would like to give my mother an unforgettable birthday celebration that she never had before. Amount need not be much but I would really appreciate anyone that would help out! This is one of my biggest dream ever since I was a kid. I will graduate in a year's time and by then I swear I will help out those in need whenever I am capable of doing so. I will never forget those who has helped me and will continue to help others in the future! Thank you in advance!

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