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NeuroSurgeon Visit June25th
Update posted by Jeannette Lucraft On Jun 29

Well, saw the neurosurgeon on Monday and yippee, Mike is down to have surgery No.4. Quite what shape this will take is still in the air. The easy option is to go in from the back and remove ligament and bone that are pressing on the cord and will cause further progressive damage unless stopped as well as possibly screw bits together to stabilise the are. Surgery is down as urgent and will be in the next 3-4 months. He seemed a little annoyed that the radiologist hadn't mentioned this more clearly in the MRI report of Feb/March.

In fairness the scan was primarily to spot anything around the lower lumbar. Ironically, the segments around the lumbar are a tad large to really determine anything around there, although it's pretty much a car crash around L4/L5/S1
The other options for the neck are, well go in from the front, discectomy on C4/5 and fuse to 3/4, or fuse the lot. Fun times. Nerve conduction tests, CT scans and another spinal injection are on the cards in the next few months

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