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3 days left to support!!
Update posted by Ex Libris On Jul 12

The countdown has begun: only 3 days left to support!
Let us try to make our goal happen! Go! Go! Go!

And just in case you were wondering...
1.) NO, there won't be another crowdfunding campaign for ANN. The money raise with this campaign will be used to create all 3 chapters!
2.) NO, we won't give up if we don't reach our complete goal within the next 3 days! ANN will happen, that we promise you!

So then! To those who haven't donated yet or are willing to make another contribution we say: THE TIME IS NOW! Don't miss out on all the extra perks/rewards that we've come up for this campaign! Take a look at this overview and claim yours today!

Ticket to the acoustic live stream concert by Dianne and Bob!!
Donate €5,= or more and be part of an exclusive live stream concert on the 21st of September 2018 at 8:30pm CET. Click here to purchase!

The past and present photo!
Donate €10,= or more and receive a high level print of a photo containing the most important members from the past ánd all current member, signed by all musicians featured! Click here to purchase!

Digital sheet music!
Donate €25,= or more and have a go at singing and/or performing along to our new music with the digital sheet music of "Chapter 1: Anne Boleyn". Instruments: vocals / guitar / drums.Click here to purchase!

The Anne Boleyn "Blood red pearl necklace"!
Donate €30,= or more and receive an elegant Precious Metal Jewelry design made (by Dianne van Giersbergen) with Ex Libris red glass teardrop beads, Anne Boleyn's favourite bead of choice: 'pearls', ánd... a guitar string used by our very own guitar player Bob Wijtsma! Click here to purchase!

Drumhead (signed), used for recording "Chapter 1: Anne Boleyn"!
Donate €45,= or more! Harmen is very kindly offering you the drumheads he used while recording "Chapter 1: Anne Boleyn". Signed by the full band! Click here to purchase!

Listening session Chapter 2 or 3!
Donate €50,= or more and join us in SandLane Recording Facilities (Rijen, the Netherlands) for a listen through of ANN's second chapter "Chapter 2: (title TBA)". Meet de band and talk with them about your and their personal highlights!
Click here to purchase your ticket for the listening session of chapter 2!
Click here to purchase your ticket for the listening session of chapter 3!

Handwritten lyrics by Dianne!
Donate €50,= or more and get your hands on these unique ANN "Chapter 1: Anne Boleyn" handwritten lyrics. All lyrics are will be written by Dianne herself. Click here to purchase!

Meet the new guys!! (incl many After Forever goodies!)
Donate €95,= or more to claim this package and you will receive: CD: After Forever (ft. Floor Jansen) – DVD en CD: Xystus (ft. Simone Simons) - CD: Penny’s Twisted Flavour. Click here to purchase!

Skype with Dianne and one of the Boys!
Donate €100,= ore more to sign up for a 30min skype chat with Dianne and one of the boys! Ask anything ANN or Ex Libris related or tell us your story! Click here to purchase!

Vocal master class by Dianne!
Donate €150,= or more to sign up for a 40min one on one skype masterclass with Dianne! Choose the song you would like to work on and claim this one time offer today! Click here to purchase!

Acoustic living room concert!!
Have Dianne and Bob come to your house, perform the Ex Libris favourites, the duo's own favourite covers ánd a song of your choosing! Sit back and listen to their 60min set, all in the comfort of your living room! excl travel (and if needed) accommodation costs
! Click here to purchase!

THANK YOU so much for supporting us in the creation of ANN.
Without you we could not make this happen!

Dianne, Koen, Bob, Luuk, Harmen.

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