Updates on “ANN” – new album Ex Libris (ft. Dianne v Giersbergen)

Third song title unveiled!!
Update posted by Ex Libris On Jul 04

Good morning, good evening or good night! Here is another campaign update in which we proudly share the news that we've now gathered + €14.000,= in our crowdfunding campaign! Of course will still hope that you will bring us a bit closer to our end goal but let us first celebrate this achievement by revealing the third song of "Chapter 1: Anne Boleyn": "The Beheading!"

"The Beheading is the third song on Ex Libris new album called ANN and tells about the death of Anne Boleyn. Starting off at Anne's last moments of captivity in the Tower of Londen, following her on her path towards the scaffold and closing off with her final statement and beheading.

The song will give a bombastic end and yet another vocal statement to ANN's "Chapter 1: Anne Boleyn" ánd... without spoiling too much we do like to say that "The Beheading" will definitely be a treat to those fond of a little power metal."

Keep on supporting us in this campaign! Help us reach the next level and we might reward you with a preview of this song too!! So! Be part of the hype and don't miss out on the chance to listen to ANN way before the general release dates!



Oh it perfect news 😍

Vladimir Erdman

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