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Donations update #4: Seventeen days of radio!
Update posted by Radio Dabanga On Jun 07

Seventeen days of radio broadcasting. That's the amount of airtime we have raised with you in week one of the crowdfunding campaign! A total of €5,105.05. Thanks to your donations and sharing our campaign with friends and family.

Thank you so much!!!

That also means there's much more shortwave airtime to be won before our campaign ends on June 30th. Airtime that is important for the journalists of Radio Dabanga, and even more for the listeners in Sudan. Why?

This story will help understand how our shortwave broadcasts informed people in Sudan about the cholera outbreak. We hope it will help you tell others about the importance of Radio Dabanga in Sudan - and why we should keep it on air!

If you're a quiz fanatic, challenge your friends in the quiz here and find out if you know enough about Sudan to win a special Radio Dabanga postcard. Don't forget to share your quiz result online: mention #supportDabanga and @RadioDabanga on Twitter, or Radio Dabanga Sudan on Facebook.

That will help spread our campaign to all corners of the digital world. Radio Dabanga needs all the support it can get!

Or simply share this GIF we made especially for today :-)

Stay tuned!

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