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Bipap Machine
Update posted by Rogelyn Mae Catalan On Aug 23

"Bipap Machine"

Our little warrior is doing well at this moment. Vital signs are within normal limit. From gcs3 now gcs5 (perfect score is gcs15). Xian is also ready for homecare. But ofcourse the transition from hospital to home is not going to be easy. Aside from sky high hospital bill, He is required to have a intensive care unit set up at home. It means that we have to provide some machines,monitors,oxygen tank, portable suction machine and private nurse. Since Xian cant breathe on his own we also have to buy a BIPAP MACHINE.. That costs 120k~150k. Now you may be asking, what is Bipap Machine, well its similar to a CPAP machine has one level of airflow, while BIPAP machine has dual level of airflow.

As you all know he's been here since March, that's nearly 5 months of stay. And as days goes by, funds are really getting tighter and limited for his daily needs. We cannot afford a Bipap machine.

I am writing this post to raise funds for a Bipap Machine that could help him to have a "quality of life" once he is home.. I always pray to God that my son will always be comfortable.

Also,it pains me to say that we have no resources left to give my baby a fighting chance. Being powerless to help my 9month old baby fighting for his life is a very humbling experience for me. I appeal to your kindness and ask for support and prayers in this extreme circumstance. I will be grateful to all for any kind of financial support that can be gathered for my sons recovery.

Any amount of donation will gladly be appreciated. You may send your donations at any remmitance center or bdo. (kindly message me for the details)

Salamat at Pagpalain po kayong lahat!

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