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Day 16 in PGH: Left Eye Veins Collapse
Update posted by Julyver Pinaso On May 22

FI/O2/Milk: 40%/40%/0 mL

According to pulmonary fellows this is a very good sign that Julian can tolerate low level setting. But previously he was able to tolerate at even lower setting of 21 and 10 corresponding to FI and O2. Still some brown secretions coming from his stomach are visible so feeding is still not feasible. In this case different medications have been given but it seems like his stomach is not responding. At this point we would like to ask more prayers.

It seems like complications are piling up the more he stays on ventilation system. His left eye veins are collapsing so blood are visible on the sides. This means, oxygen are not reaching his eye. This can still be corrected through medication and laser but this will be dealt with after tubes are extracted. His right eye is still premature.

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