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"Forgive them, for they know not what they have done"
Update posted by Nicaela Kloppers On May 07

Hey Everyone,

I've just had my first challenge of coming out with my condition tonight. I sent a campaign message to a lot of my contacts in the hope that they would be inspired to share my story. I unfortunately upset one lady and this caused her to lash out at me, saying how could I need surgery if I didn't look like I needed it, that "your v****a needs surgery" and this is a scam. That really hurt because its like saying my entire life is a scam. It took me an immense anount of courage to even come out about this. I told her that I'll forgive her, for as Jesus said on the cross "Forgive them, for they know not what they have done". That made me feel better, instead of lashing out at her. I used to be a sales consultant, which involved getting as many contacts as you could to try and generate an income, and I absolutely hated it - that is how I had her as a contact. However, I've certainly learnt further in all this; don't always expect kindness from a stranger.

In further response to her message and as an education tool I'd like to use, you don't have to look like you need surgery, to need surgery. I know this from my condition, from people I know going to the doctor seemingly healthy, and coming out with a troubling diagnosis, especially cancer. In the beginning stages you won't see it! And that is how it changes your life forever. The worst thing you can do is just believe that everyone is a scam artist; which is why I decided to attach the letter from my doctor to my fundraising campaign. You will find it in my images x Whether you believe it or not, its very real to me. The feelings of discomfort, having to use the bathroom more than most people and the re-accuring bladder infections are VERY real to me. The possibility of future problems are very real to me, but I chose to believe that you are not helped until you help yourselv. As embarrassing as that was, I did it tonight. Maybe I won't do it again in this way, but I will find a way to not give up without a fight.

From just a girl with a bright future,


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