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Update posted by Nicaela Kloppers On May 07

Hey everyone,

I have just uploaded a photo of my protruding lower abdomen, taken today (07 May 2018).

No matter how much I pull my stomach in (even with good posture), it protrudes like that of a pregnant woman. The high-waisted jeans I am wearing to work today prove to be of some discomfort. I try to avoid wearing any high-waisted skirts and pants nowadays as they tend to make my stomach look a bit bigger. These very jeans used to be lose on my pelvic region, and they now fit like a glove! :( Obviously this is a bad thing because it proves that my mass is growing. My campaign image was taken in December 2016, 1 year and 3 months before the discovery of my mass. At the time, I experienced no symptoms. In 2017, symptoms such as bladder pain and later, infection, occurred on a regular basis as a result of the immense pressure this mass places on my bladder. I will upload more images of my protruding abdomen throughout my campaign.

Have an awesome day x


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