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At a Loss for Words
Update posted by Nicaela Kloppers On May 07

Hi everyone :)

So last week I received two new donations and I can't believe my own eyes at the kindness I have experienced so far. I have always been someone of simplistic expectations, never expecting and asking for much. I strongly believe that a life of no expectation is a largely happy one. Which is why I was brought to tears this week, with my new fund total of R2,305.00. I'll be happy if even just my story is shared, but a large donation?! Wow, just wow. Thank you for the continued support guys, it really means a lot to me. I'll never be able to say 'Thank you' enough.

Ending off, I wanted to share a new quote I came up with, for people with medical conditions like myself to proclaim every day: "I may have a medical condition, but I am NOT a medical condition!"

Your fighter,


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