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Surgery and much more!
Update posted by Iliada Stavrinidi On Apr 23

This is the moment to say a very big thank you to everyone who has contributed and to announce some exciting news!

Gloria has had her surgery and is having a great recovery. She is very thankful and happy to go back to a more normal life without the pain and disturbances of the hernia. The cost of the operation and the aftercare was just 225€ which means that the remaining 775€ (if we reach 100% of the goal) can be used for the many needs of the orpahanage.

Gloria after her surgery

The list of things that need to be done is long such as to put up mosquito nets on the windows so that they can stay open during the day, repaint the 5 bedrooms, buy mattresses because the children now sleep on wooden shelves, build a shower, a water tank, put in a solar panel and the list goes on.

We thought that since the amount is sufficient, that it would be good to use it for one of the bigger projects that will have a considerable impact on the everyday life of the children. That's why building a water tank and a shower seemed to be the best decision as it will improve the hygiene and the living conditions at the orphanage. Now some of the children walk to a water pump every morning with buckets and jerrycans. They wash twice a week with a bucket per 5 kids. With the water tank (filter included) they will be able to use the rain water for shower allowing them to have an opportunity for a better hygiene with something so simple and taken for granted for most people, a shower.

We have reached 93% of the funding and there are 8 days to go until the campaign ends. Spread the word and hopefully the funds will be enough for more beautiful projects in the orphanage! No cent will go to waste!

Peace and Love :)

Gloria back home!

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