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Neyna Updates - March 18
Update posted by Georgette Tan On Mar 18

Mac and I visited Neyna this evening. Here's an update Mac sent to our various friend groups:


Visited Neyna this evening. She was awake and happy to see me and Georgette. She is unable to talk and we did our best conversing with hand signals and lip-reading.

She will still need medical treatment and will be in ICU for the immediate future. She has had 6 plasma treatments out of 14 in total. In between the plasma treatment is the dialysis treatment for her kidneys.

She is on the upswing but anything can happen so do keep her in your thoughts and prayers.


She also rolled her eyes a couple of times at some things I said to tease her.

Kak Jude said that she's been getting a record number of visitors that the ICU nurses are curious to know if Neyna is some kind of celebrity. To that I say YASS!

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