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Finished Midterm and Moving on to Finals
Update posted by Ethan Lichti On Feb 28

Hi everyone!

Thought I'd give a quick update (way overdue).

Again, thank you, thank you, thank you! Your contributions enabled me to start this journey taking my first course in bio-resonance testing. This has been a 1 year course and has been amazing. Learning from the technician that helped me has been so profound, and I am super excited to help people in this way!

Last weekend we finished our midterm examination and there is just one more module to go and then finals where we will be tested on a vast amount of knowledge on Chinese, homeopathic, and other biological medicines, along with our skill and competency using the equipment for testing.

God has been very faithful in keeping us afloat module by module as each module has required a $1000 investment totaling $7000 now. We've managed to do this without accumulating any debt. So praise God!

The initial $3000 this campaign was started for was to pay for the 3 practicums and was required to enter the course. Thank you for making that happen!

The final practicum and test will be happening April 21 so I got a lot of studying and memorizing to accomplish to make it there and pass with flying colors. Prayers appreciated. We also have our last module being released at the beginning of March, Which will mostly be an application of everything learned by way of compilations of case studies.

After finals we will be moving into a 1-year mentor-ship phase where we will be able to set up as bio-resonance technicians in clinics and enhance and support the clinics ability to treat patients.

I have been applying my spare time to researching and searching the market for equipment. This is will be a fairly large investment for us, around $17k-$20k, so I want to make sure I do my due diligence in getting the right system and software for what and where I will be planning to take this.

That's all I have by way of update for now!

I will most likely be back with another update after the finals!

Thanks again everyone!

Ethan L.

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