Updates on Justice for Andreas Georgiou, Former Head of Greek Statistical Agency

A Word of Thanks
Update posted by Patrick Armstrong On Jul 13

Dear Friends,

First of all a large thanks to all of you for bringing us over our goal of $40,000, which we expect to act as much needed legal support for Andreas. Nevertheless, almost more important than the financial success of the campaign, the attendant publicity has created positive support in favor of our cause. With close to 400 global contributors, we are part of a community who are determined to right a wrong.

We must remind you, that while we have won a battle, the campaign will continue. Unjust prosecutions against Andreas are ongoing, and as you may know, on June 8, Andreas was informed that the Greek Supreme Court decided to render final and irreversible his conviction for not submitting the 2009 deficit and debt statistics to approval to a vote.

The prosecutions of Andreas represent not only a disturbing injustice against Andreas, but also the Greek people, as these prosecutions undermine the confidence in the recovery of Greece.

We will keep the website alive and updated with news, so that we can collectively remain informed.

Very best wishes, and as they used to say ‘keep the faith’!

Patrick and Max

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