Updates on Justice for Andreas Georgiou, Former Head of Greek Statistical Agency

A Contradiction Explained
Update posted by Maximilian Reisch On Jun 08

Dear Friends of Justice for Andreas Georgiou,

Greece is employing the statistical methodology and metrics implemented by Andreas to request funds, while at the same time prosecuting him for the same.

It is a staggering contradiction that Andreas Georgiou is repeatedly prosecuted for the methodology of the 2009 government deficit and debt statistics and for the processes used for their production despite the fact that the methodology used by Georgiou and his ELSTAT colleagues is the one being used today by Greece in all its internal and external official business and is the basis on which hundreds of billions of euro in EU disbursements to Greece are taking place since 2011. It is also a stunning contradiction that Greece is using exactly this statistical methodology today to ask its Eurozone partners (and thus Eurozone taxpayers) for massive debt relief. Finally, it is also an incredible contradiction that Greece is aiming to access the international bond markets in the period ahead based on borrowing needs calculated with that very same methodology.

As outlined recently by Tony Barber in the Financial Times, controversial legal actions like the prosecution of Andreas undermine the confidence in the recovery of Greece. Our sincere gratitude to all that have contributed to date and support not only Andreas, but also raise awareness about the severe damage illegitimate cases like the one against Andreas are inflicting on Greece. We encourage everyone to continue to spread the word and raise awareness of Andreas’s case—whether it be the general injustice of the prosecutions, the newest developments, and/or the crowdfunding site—on social media using the hashtag, #AndreasGeorgiou

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