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Teacher Melba’s hair starts growing!
Update posted by Celestino IV Trono On Feb 18

She decided to stop her chemo. She has done 5 ( every 3 wk interval) chemo since July 2017 followed by 6 weekly sessions. She was supposed to do 12 weekly sessions.

Her condition has been improving! The affected breast has been softening but not completely healed. She takes in natural food hoping to combat cancer this way and keeps on praying every day. Her faith in Father God and the love she receives from friends surely make her spirit high! These keep her alive.

This week we intend to seek a third opinion as part of her regular check up.

At this point I wish to thank my family members, relatives, friends, acquaintances and most of all, my Church community who continue to send her well wish greetings and thoughts of love.

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