Updates on Climbing Kili for Turtles and Theatre!

Trials and Tribulations!
Update posted by Alexander Kerr On Feb 19

Things are never easy, especially here in Africa it seems! 3 weeks ago, in the Rwenzori Mountains, Charlie managed to stub her toe - a somewhat innocuous injury, but one that turned out to have resulted in a broken little toe - as proved by X-ray. She's been able to walk, but shoes and boots have been a problem. This resulted in us setting back the walk by a week, to the 26th Feb.

And now, as her toe is recovering, Alex managed to faceplant carrying his big hiking bag down some stairs and sprained his ankle - now all the colours of the rainbow. We'll have to monitor that situation to see how it recovers, with now only a week to go until we are scheduled to climb Kilimanjaro. Wish us luck!!

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