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Update posted by Mariann Garner Wizard On Mar 22

I'm two months into a four month fundraising effort and felt it was time to offer an update. Unfortunately, there's not a lot to report!
Contributions started off strong with great support mostly from old friends, and a few new ones, but has slowed to a few in the last month. And with everything going on in the world, and all of the serious issues people are facing, I can hardly complain if my rather murky needs don't make the cut.
Still, I'm hopeful that more support may be forthcoming. We're finally making progress on the leach field on our rental property that will, I most sincerely pray, stop our having to have the septic tank pumped regularly at some expense. We had a week's work stoppage -- unfortunately coinciding with Belizean municipal elections, the Ruta Maya canoe race, and Baron Bliss Day (a national holiday) while we sought and obtained a permit for the work. This also involved unanticipated fees; I'd been told no permit would be needed but... as my friend Richard Lee used to say, "There's always one more piece of paper!"

There's also a bit more site work to be done to prevent damage to our existing driveway/parking area; another unanticipated expense and one that will be hard to estimate in advance. And so it goes...
I've also been doing some extra work, thanks to my editor at the American Botanical Council, and although I'm still seeking some other writing or editing work, the question begins to arise as to just how much work I can do every month without sacrificing quality of work or quality of life! On a more personal note, my need for cataract surgery is gradually but perceptibly increasing. Can't work if I can't see, so this will soon become a priority.

In general, then, things are going OK but need to be better for me to get back on my fiscal feet. I'll continue doing everything I can see to do to bring that about.
If you're in a position to help, even with a small donation, it will be penny-pinched hard and greatly appreciated! The best (cheapest) way to give is through my PayPal account: [email protected] If that doesn't work for you, please e-mail me at that address and we'll find another way!
Wishing everything good to everyone who reads this post -- One Love,

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