Mar 09, 2019 at 12:21 am

Problems and Solutions....

Update posted by Treehouse Project Fund

Super Structure Associates to the Rescue!

Just to give you a bit more information on the 'technical difficulties' that have been plaguing us over the past 3 months, basically it turns out that the build site for the Treehouse Project goes directly over an 11,000 volt cable - the main supply to the Holy Cross Hospital!

Although this may seem (and certainly felt) disastrous, we have 3 viable solutions to the problem and are currently working on which one is most effective in ensuring the Treehouse is built. Easily the most brilliant, however, is that the 'drawbridge' solution proposed by our friends at Super Structure Associates (SSA). Please see the link above!

Since we contacted Derek Mason and Robbie Synge at SSA a year ago looking for help with the Treehouse Project they have worked tirelessly, on an entirely pro-bono basis, to ensure that our dream for the patients of the Holy Cross comes alive. We cannot thank them enough for the kindness, compassion and ruthless determination they have shown for the Project, but can only salute their ingenuity (and great choice of theme tune) here - cheers guys!

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