Sep 20, 2018 at 10:18 pm

Closer and Closer.....

Update posted by Treehouse Project Fund

Firstly, a massive congratulations to Martin Wainwright for completing his mammoth scull from Oxford to London this month - he raised a huge amount for the Treehouse Project and completed an incredible journey in doing it.

At our end, a contractor has now been secured for the Project who has agreed to complete in May 2019. There are 3 designs we are currently considering - however, only one of these is within our current budget! Fundraising work will continue this year in terms of bids to the National Lottery and Surrey County Council.

We will also be seeking donated materials from a range of different companies, in order to provide the best possible resource to patients at the Holy Cross Hospital. If anyone would like to get involved in this or other fundraising ideas then please don't hesitate to get in touch - [email protected]

We are so pleased that everyone's efforts have guaranteed access to the woodland for the patients of the Holy Cross Hospital - everything is now geared towards making the most helpful and meaningful resource possible for them. Thanks so much to everyone who has contributed towards this cause - we massively appreciate it and you have made a huge difference.

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