Jun 03, 2018 at 03:33 pm

Training days

Update posted by Treehouse Project Fund

Hey everyone, just a little note to show some of the training the amazing people who are supporting the Treehouse Project are doing in order to succeed in their various quests - we have 9 year old Joe preparing to ride the Taff Trail, 30-something (ish) Martin training to scull the Thames and the ever youthful Stass getting strong enough to scale 3 mountains in a 24 hour period. This on top of a variety of riders beginning to raise funding through the Brighton Capel Monster, which runs on 30th June - if you know anyone who is up for this then please do ask them to get in touch! Everyones support for the Treehouse Project is deeply appreciated and will do so much to improve the quality of life for the people we care about. Thanks again.

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