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Update posted by Penny Warin On Mar 20

This is an update from Tom on his Greenwich to Portugal mission via me:

So I made it... to the base of the Pyrenees. France has been pretty hardcore, very little open due to the time of year,rain 6 days out of 7, head winds 5 days out of 7, 'roads' that end in a river (see attached) and a boar hunter momentarily mistaking me for prey, raising his gun at me before a hastily barked 'monsieur! ' assured him that I was in fact human. So I am a fair bit slower than I hoped for, but still have time to complete this and actually quite surprised I am still going having lived in wet clothes all week. Without wishing to labour the point, I am very lucky to be doing this and not everyone has the same privilege. All sharing and sponsorship for the Treehouse Project would be massively appreciated. The Pyrenees are tomorrow if I can just get my bike fixed! Cheers.

This refuses to paste the right way up but I'm sure the problem is still clear to see!

Tom has managed to get the frame soldered and is planning to ride over the Pyranees tomorrow. Best of luck Tom!

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